Sifu Dave Harris 2017

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Sifu David Harris began his Martial Arts career at the age of 10 enrolling in a Shotokan Karate class at his school in conjunction with learning self defense from a military father.  After dabbling in several other arts, at the age of 19, David met Sifu Joe Boychuck of the Yip Man - Moy Yat lineage.  David trained under Joe for 5 years both publicly and privately.  David began teaching Yip Man Hong Kong Wing Chun in 1994 in Moncton New Brunswick and Halifax Nova Scotia while studying at University.  David fell in love with the art of Wing Chun and pre-cultural revolution China and began researching, discussing and interacting with Wing Chun practitioners and masters the world over both personally and on line.   After many years of teaching and training in Yip Man Wing Chun David saw many deficiencies, gaps and misinterpretations in that version of the art.  He began exploring older families and lineages of Wing Chun.  It was at this pivotal time that David re-connected with Sifu Zopa Gyatso (Yun Hoi) who he considered kind, knowledgeable, and deeply dedicated in his understanding of Wing Chun.  Sifu Gyatso having himself spent a considerable amount of time in Yip Man Wing Chun before becoming a student of the late Master Sum Nung and an indoor disciple of the Fung family,  David felt a strong bond with Sifu Gyatso.  Listening to his teachings, advice and abundant informative writings, David embarked on a study of Yuen Kay San Wing Chun anywhere he could find knowledge and an exchange of ideas.  This was and has been a 180-degree change in performance, application, theory and understanding of Wing Chun.  After sufficiently emptying his cup and absorbing the more detailed and complete understanding of the Yuen Kay San family David believes he is now on the right path to mastery of the art he holds so dear.  He uses this knowledge to help a small dedicated group of semi private students carefully picked by character, kindness and a similar dedication to preserving this great self defense art from extinction.  David would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Sifu Gyatso for his kindness, knowledge and dedication to this truly incredible Chinese art form and for allowing him into his inner circle of internationally based students.  It has been and still is an honor and privilege to walk this path in the shadow of his wisdom.

“I do not train for Ego or Gold….I train, teach, discuss, exchange and contemplate Wing Chun because I dearly love this art, and I wish to preserve it from extinction.”  Sifu David Harris

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