About Us

Welcome of Mountain Storm Wing Chun Kung Fu. We are a Calgary based club dedicated to practicing, studying and refining the art of Southern Snake and Crane Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Our goal is to reconstruct and preserve what was left behind by the Founders of our beloved art.  We are not interested in personal “interpretations”, lineage battles, or the Sifu says’ mentality.  Wing Chun is a complete, cohesive system of self defense based on a perfected set of finite and integrated techniques guided by a defined set of concepts and rules underlined by a fluid methodology.  We believe there is only one Wing Chun however there are a multitude of ways to teach, learn and achieve perfection and prowess in our art.  Our learning style incorporates detailed analysis, realistic training and practice, comparative analysis and a word for word, line by line incorporation and understanding of the Keun Kuit (Song of the Red Boat) of Wing Chun; The “DNA” of our system.  If you are not following the Keun Kuit…….you are NOT doing Wing Chun!