“Go on top of the incoming bridge”

Classes taught by Chief Instructor Sifu David Harris and Instructor Sifu Jeff Brown.   Sifu David Harris has 34 years martial arts experience, the last 26 years training, studying and teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu and Practical Self Defense to the public and law enforcement alike.

Classes are held in the NW Calgary near Crowfoot. Classes are semi private and taught in a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Class size is limited so as to ensure quality of instruction and ample direct time with the instructors. Class schedule is Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm and Sunday morning 10am-noon. No uniforms are required however comfortable exercise clothes are required.

Sifu Dave Harris is a student and practitioner of Hong Kong Wing Chun and mainland Yuen Kay San Wing Chun. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close range, reflex based system of self defense that utilizes body structure and alignment combined with economy of motion and relaxation to achieve fast and effective counter attacks to unwarranted acts of aggression.